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WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Results: Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights | Launderer report


Credit: WWE.com

The Women’s Money Ladder Match in the Bank kicked off the main part of the show with Natalya, Tamina, Zelina Vega, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Naomi and Nikki ASH

Bliss teased dark magic early by pointing to the briefcase as Tamina dominated from there. Bliss hypnotized Vega, preventing her from achieving victory before falling prey to Natalya’s electric bomb. Morgan knocked Vega down onto a ladder leaning on the bottom rope, only to be bombarded by Naomi.

Nikki flew through the air, only for Bliss to drop her off with Sister Abigail. Fed up with the threat that Little Miss Bliss was, the other contestants buried her under ladders. Six of the contestants scaled the ladders, fighting for the right to retrieve the briefcase, only for Nikki to come out of nowhere and do just that for the win.


Nikki ASH defeated Bliss, Naomi, Vega, Morgan, Asuka, Natalya and Tamina

To note



There were some fun moments and the effort was off the charts, but this was one of the weakest women’s ranking matches in Money in the Bank history.

WWE completely underestimated the fan reaction to some contestants, choosing to highlight them at the expense of the wrestlers the fans were actually behind. Naomi’s role has been downplayed, as has Asuka’s, despite drawing two of the biggest pops.

Bliss was used adequately, but society once again relied on hocus pocus witchcraft and mind games, which she didn’t need to be effective in this game. Burying her under ladders like she was Braun Strowman or Big Show was a bit too much.

Nikki ASH is a hell of a talent and has worked as hard as anyone since her debut in 2016. She’s always been the sidekick or the afterthought, never the star and it’s nice to see WWE come on board. towards her. Having said that, she was not the right choice to win here.

If the crowd reaction to its entry was any indication, it’s that the superhero gadget will be harder to sell to the public than the canned heat inside ThunderDome suggests. Is Nikki talented and invested enough to make this work? Absolutely, but the woman who should have raised the matter tonight was Morgan.

The former Riott Squad member entered some pretty decent pop but as the match progressed the crowd was behind her. It was an opportunity for her to make a splash, to prepare for the success that so many people predicted for her. Instead, she failed.

Will it benefit him in the long run? Most likely, but there are only a limited number of times that the commentators and performers themselves can discuss the potential before fans turn away and get bored with the concept.