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Ugg boots to get you through the cold hell that is winter


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There really is nothing more nightmarish than stepping on your cold tiles in the winter. Especially if you’re like us and have floors that literally turn to blocks of ice as soon as the cold starts to set in. The answer to this horribly annoying misfortune? Invest in a pair of clouds (read: Ugg boots, slippers, slides, or loafers) for your feet. Not only do they keep your toes warm all day, they’re also fluffy as hell, which is a pleasant and exhilarating experience in itself.

According to TikTok, these babies are as comfortable as they are versatile. Why? They can also be a staple of chic outerwear. Just check out the fashion influencer @amyfuchsiashawUGG styling video to see them in action.


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If this has motivated you to grab a pair ASAP, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for you to use as your UGG-spiration (ha!). Thanks to eBay, a bunch of these babies have also gotten epic discounts off their retail price – so you’ll want to get in quick before your size sells out.

You’ll get bonus points (and bonus savings on your UGGs) if you sign up to become eBay Plus Member here for just $4.99 per month. Just Between Us, you can also sneak around and sign up for a 30-day free trial, then simply cancel before the month is out.

Where to find the best Ugg boots in Australia

UGG Boots

If you’re someone who likes to wrap your entire foot in the warmth of what feels like a small fireplace, then an Ugg boot might just be the best fit for you. This UGG Unisex Australian Sheepskin Boots ($75, usually $225) lined with the plushest sheepskin is a great choice. It’s also the exact boot that inspired the phrase “walking on a cloud” because as soon as I put these bad boys on, it really felt like it. If you like shorter Ugg boots for women, these Women’s Classic Short II Boots ($176, usually $220) are a good shout (and just as comfortable). At this point, if you want to outfit your whole family in Uggs, there are even these gorgeous little Kids UGG Button Boots ($36, usually $75).

Although the sales are enough of an incentive for you to invest in quality, these Cotton house boot on the body ($10) are also still super cute and offer a solid budget option. They even come in both gray and purple.

Ugg Slides

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Having only recently seen fall on these Black Fluff Yeah mules for women ($120, usually $150) online, I’m a bit obsessed. Not only do they bridge the gap between comfort and elegance, but they come in a bunch of different colors and styles like Leopard ($160) and chestnut ($144, usually $180), so you can choose one based on your personal aesthetic.

Ugg slippers
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For those of you who don’t like the locked-in feeling of Ugg boots, rest assured I have an alternative for you: these Unisex UGG Classic Slippers ($36, usually $72). Unlike boots, the best part about these babies is that they’re super easy to put on and take off, especially on those days when you spend walking around the house and jumping in and out of bed.

For statement lovers, you can ditch the neutral tan and even branch out with purple. Women’s Scuffette II Slippers ($120). If you like tan but prefer a thinner sole, there are also options like these Men’s Scuff Slippers ($96, usually $120) for you too.


ugg boots, ugg boots women, ugg boots men, ugg boots australia

I’m usually not one to go out in loafers, but who knows – they might push me if this cold keeps going. If you also want to jump on the moccasin bandwagon, you can start with these UGG Women Loafers ($20, usually $130) or these UGG Unisex Loafers ($52, usually $160). The beauty of this option is that it’s a good boot-slipper hybrid. Yes, it’s true. They are a fabulous option for all my indecisive friends.

Looking to stock up on winter gear before winter sets in? Head here.