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Sartorial Winter, a Saint Laurent look for this year’s fall-winter


Celebrating the favorite color of Yves Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello, black, Saint Laurent’s Fall-Winter wardrobe is very rock & roll and gender-bending.

Since his debut at the House, creative director Anthony Vaccarello has delivered a series of stunning collections that feel fresh while remaining true to the vision of the late and great Yves Saint Laurent.

This time around, Vaccarello has bridged the gap between traditional masculinity and femininity with his latest Fall-Winter 2022 menswear collection for the brand. This collection is characterized by androgyny and mystique – what’s his can be hers and vice versa. Nothing is apparently forbidden in the pursuit of the presentation Preppy.

From the new cocoon proportions on the outerwear and the twill shoulders on the suit to the new cut on the trousers, all the essentials of the masculine universe of this collection have been revisited for a modern and elevated look.

Silhouettes are infused with a subtle evening feel through fabrics – sequin felt, shimmering velvet and sequined stripes across shapes, the revival of the cape and new evening blouses – with this sophisticated array of day-to-night silhouettes in the house’s signature colors, Vaccarello reaffirms the assertive elegance of Saint Laurent men.

The Saint Laurent Fall 2022 campaign with Romeo Beckham and Euphoria star Dominic Fike completely levels the playing field for all genders. It is in short, an interchangeable wardrobe where putting a label on something is outdated

Filmed by Gray Sorrenti, Romeo Beckham flexes key elements of the Saint Laurent Fall 2022 campaign – a rhinestone pearl necklace, comic-eyed glasses, a fur jacket and a chrome manicure.