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Meghan Marohn, 42, took a break from teaching in March; she has not been seen since


“She always had a smile on her face,” Peter Naple told Dateline of his younger sister, Meghan Marohn.

Peter said he texted Meghan on the night of March 26, 2022. She told him she was at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. “She was just in bed reading, then I texted her and she didn’t respond,” Peter said.

“She was just taking a break,” Peter told Dateline. “Just, you know, a little R&R.”

That was the last time Peter heard from Meghan. The 42-year-old man has since disappeared.

Peter and Meghan grew up in Delmar, New York with their mother and Meghan’s father. Peter said he lived with his mother in Delmar but often spent weekends with his own father at Sacandaga Lake.

Growing up in Delmar, there was an abundance of wilderness to explore. Peter said he and Meghan often go on adventures together. “We hiked together,” he said. Peter is 12 years older than Meghan and, despite the age gap, he said he always makes sure to spend time with his little sister. “She was such a good girl,” he said.

Not only was Meghan good, she was also talented, Peter told Dateline. “She played the piano, she played the harp,” Peter said. “She was always acting, doing little sketches.”

Meghan Marohn at a Troy Poem Project event.Peter Napoli

But what Meghan loved more than anything was writing. Peter said it was his bread and butter.

“She would ask people to come and say a few words about themselves or what they wanted her to write,” Peter said. “She would give you, in 20 minutes, a poem.”

He said Meghan loves poetry so much that she even started a poetry group called the “Troy Poem Project” in Troy, New York, where she once lived.

And when Meghan wasn’t writing, she was teaching. Peter said their mother was a teacher and at a young age Meghan knew she wanted to be one too. “She wanted to follow in her footsteps,” Peter said. Their mother died three years ago.

Peter told Dateline that Meghan started teaching around 18 years ago and loved it. “Being in class with the kids was his thing,” Peter said. But he told Dateline in recent years that it had started to weigh on Meghan. “There’s more pressure on teachers these days,” Peter said. “When she started versus teaching now, things have changed drastically.”

Ruth Ross was one of the first teachers Meghan worked with and told Dateline it has become difficult for teachers to include certain subjects in their curriculum. She said Meghan in particular has received her fair share of pushback. “She wanted to teach about climate change,” Ruth recalls. “There were a bunch of parents who didn’t want her to do it.”

Meghan Maron
Meghan MaronPeter Napoli

Meghan and Ruth met in 2005 at Chatham High School in New Jersey. It was Meghan’s first job in the field and she was Ruth’s student teacher. “She taught my English classes, and then she was hired the following year on our recommendation,” Ruth said. Even after Ruth retired in 2007, she said the two remained very close.

Ruth describes Meghan as a “free spirit and very idealistic”. She said Meghan is a very passionate person and would frequently take part in protests. “She went down to Occupy Wall Street,” Ruth told Dateline. “She also protested on the Brooklyn Bridge,” Ruth added, though she wasn’t sure what the protest was about.

Ruth also remembers the last time she spoke with her friend: March 24, 2022. “She was going on paid personal leave until the end of the semester,” Ruth said.

Meghan worked at Shaker High School in Latham, New York. Ruth said Meghan told her she was having trouble at school and needed some time off. “Something upset her at school related to another co-worker,” Ruth told Dateline.

Dateline contacted the North Colonie School District, which is connected to Shaker High School, regarding Meghan’s paid leave. Superintendent Joseph Corr told Dateline Meghan that she was “a valued member of our school community” and “an outstanding teacher who cared for and supported her students.” He added that Meghan was “not furloughed by the district”. He did not say whether she was furloughed by Shaker High School.

Peter told Dateline that despite his inquiries, the school never told him why his sister was on paid leave. All he knew was that Meghan needed a break.

Meghan Maron
Meghan MaronPeter Napoli

So on Thursday, March 24, 2022, that’s what Meghan had planned to do. She headed to Stockbridge, Massachusetts and checked into the Red Lion Inn. She planned to leave on March 30.

Peter told Dateline that everything seemed to be fine during his text exchange with Meghan on Saturday, March 26, but when he texted her the next day and received no response, he began to worry.

“I messaged him a few times on Sunday and got no response,” Peter recalls. “I asked the hotel on Monday if they could knock on the door or at least check.”

When hotel staff went to check on Meghan, they said her bed was made and a lot of her things were still in the room. But Meghan was nowhere to be found. “We went to the Bethlehem Police Department on Tuesday morning to file a missing person report,” Peter said.

The Bethlehem Police Department is in Delmar, New York, where Meghan was living with her father at the time. But since she went missing in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts State Police are investigating her disappearance.

Dave Procopio, director of communications for the Massachusetts State Police, directed Dateline to a press release on his Facebook page. The message stated that “Meghan’s black 2017 Subaru Impreza was found parked on Church Street in Longcope Park, a heavily wooded hiking area in South Lee.” The statement went on to note that “the intensive search of this area and other areas of interest in Lee by state troopers, local police and firefighters, and a civilian search and rescue team has not have not located Mrs. Marohn”.

The statement confirmed that the investigation into Meghan’s whereabouts was still ongoing.

Peter said he thought Meghan might have gone to visit the area, but probably planned to get back to the car before going on a hike. “She always made sure the car was locked before going on a hike,” Peter said. “And the car was unlocked.” Peter added that Meghan’s hiking boots were still in her car, which he said was a bit “strange for Meghan”.

Peter told Dateline he joined the search and scoured the area with the police to try and help find his sister. “We were able to get through his Google account, his Gmail account and some cell phone pings to cell towers,” Peter told Dateline. “There were three GPS or cell phone pings for the rest of the day, all on private property opposite Longcope Park.” He added that the area is full of “streams, ravines and dense vegetation”. They found no trace of Meghan. And still not.

Missing poster for Meghan Marohn
Missing poster for Meghan MarohnPeter Napoli

But Peter said he had not given up hope and would continue to do everything possible to find his sister. He told Dateline that he created the Find Meghan Marohn website and was in the process of hiring a private investigator.

Meghan is around 5ft 6in and 120lbs, with red hair and green eyes. She has no distinctive signs or tattoos. Meghan’s family is offering a $50,000 reward for “information leading directly to Meghan’s safe return”.

Anyone with information regarding Meghan should contact Massachusetts State Police Detectives at 413-499-1112 or Lee Police at 413-243-5530.