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Kobe Bryant: The life story you may not know | National


Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant’s incredible talent began captivating audiences while he was still playing basketball in high school. His phenomenal athleticism, self-confidence, and drive to become one of the greatest basketball players to grace an NBA court led him straight into the big leagues as a teenager.

Bryant manifested his destiny, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to a new era of dominance as a shooter and bringing a unique approach to the game. He was simply brilliant to watch, an enigmatic figure with a legendary work ethic and a thirst for and an unquenchable dedication to the game.

He has won accolades most players would only dream of: MVP awards, NBA championships, Olympic medals and a place in basketball infamy alongside Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bryant was incredibly visible on the court with a 6ft 6in frame and impressive skills but, off the game, he often felt like a curious enigma. He’s done a bit of everything, from roaming the streets of Disneyland to dabbling in rapping to creating animated films and fantasy books. Bryant was a family man and ultimately the father of four daughters who seemed to find both restlessness and contentment during his short retirement.

It may seem like there’s not much to know about Bryant, but there’s always a new way to look at his life and legacy. Stacker compiled a list of 25 facts from Bryant’s life that you might not know. Stacker compiled research through newspaper articles, a documentary, sports websites and reputable news sites.

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