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King County’s Trailhead Direct service returns ahead of summer season


KING COUNTY, Wash. — Starting May 28, King County Metro is bringing back a program that will help people get out of town and out on the county’s popular hiking trails during the coming summer months.

“I think it’s a good thing, more public transit is always good,” said Evan Ash, who used light rail in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. “I’m going to sell my car in a few weeks so I can still get out and hike would be ideal because I’d like to hike and get outside this summer.”

It’s the hope of King County Metro and Parks that wants hikers to use the county’s “Trailhead Direct” transit system to get to popular county trails like Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe and Little Si.

“I feel like it’s a great way to get people on popular trails,” said Madi Fitzpatrick, who rode Little Si’s Trailhead Direct.

The goal of this program, which launched in 2019, is also to ease congestion in some of those crowded parking lots at the trailheads, reduce safety hazards, and get people like Fitzpatrick and his dog on trails.

“It’s great, I love public transport, I don’t have a car, so it’s the best and easiest way,” Fitzpatrick said.

As more and more people continue to use this environmentally friendly public transport system. The county hopes it will ensure that the only footprint people leave behind is from their boots, not their cars.

“It’s great that we’re trying to meet our goal of reducing climate emissions, using public transport will be a big part of that,” Ash said.

This program is available every weekend and on public holidays until September 11.