Home Hiking boots “I never want my daughter to feel the fear I feel every day – I want her to be strong” – Roisin Pelan

“I never want my daughter to feel the fear I feel every day – I want her to be strong” – Roisin Pelan


I’ve been climbing mountains for years now – both mentally and physically. As the kid of a big family, we packed the car, brought a picnic, and went on great outdoor adventures.

I always saw how much my parents appreciated the little things in life – and that in turn rubbed off on me. I have always taken the time to absorb the world, the smells, the sounds, the images, the pleasant feeling it gives me!

I’ve been fundraising for various cancer charities for almost 20 years now – since my younger brother was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. We have done so much and together we have probably lifted over 50k which is just amazing.

We ran marathons and half marathons, my dad did the iron man – twice!

The September challenge is for Coppafeel

We hiked Hadrian’s Wall and hiked all 3 Yorkshire Peaks. We did head shaves and leg waxes and theme nights. We had raffles and cake sales and had men walk for miles in heels and tandem rides. I could go on and on!

It becomes like an addiction when you start fundraising and people want to help.

To see the money pour in, to know that it will help find a cure or raise awareness is a wonderful feeling! But gradually that momentum wears off and you feel a bit desperate for people to show any interest. It’s hard!

So now, with my last challenge only a few weeks away, I thought I’d tell you all about it! I travel 100 km through the Scottish Highlands with complete strangers in September.

We do it for the amazing Coppafeel which has been such a breath of fresh air from the start.

Founded by Kris Hallenga, for whom I am full of admiration, Coppafeel is a colorful and bright source of information for women and men, especially young women who have no idea about breast cancer or how to verify the changes.

Roisin trained hard

I don’t expect this trek to be easy at all.

It takes a lot of effort to prepare for it and I expect it to be exhausting. But I do it because the cause is so important to me – to empower young women to take full responsibility for their breasts and to remind people that when caught early, breast cancer is curable.

I never want Ivy to feel even an ounce of the fear I live with most of the time. I want her to be confident, strong, and knowledgeable about body awareness and cancer.

I’m so focused on making my body stronger, I don’t think I’ve ever cared less about being skinny in my life, and more about being fit. I feel like there is a responsibility to the other people who do the trek as well – all with their own stories and reasons for signing up for such a difficult challenge.

We will be led by the charming Giovanna Fletcher and Emma Willis, it will be a real treat! Giovanna has done so much already and reading her experiences was one of the reasons I really wanted this to be my next big fundraiser; for the experience! I will miss my kids so much for a whole week and worse, I know they will miss them even more! But telling them about my adventures when I get home and showing them that you can really do anything if you want to enough will make me the proudest mom in the world.

I can’t wait to meet new people and make new friendships, see things I’ve never seen before, and overcome obstacles my body never dreamed of allowing. I’m anxious, sure, but I knew the pride and sense of accomplishment would be so worth it.

Many of you know that I am living with incurable breast cancer and I feel absolutely desperate to educate young women who might have no idea of ​​the importance of finding breast cancer at an early stage. It could literally mean the difference between life and death.

To imagine a future where people do not die of breast cancer would be a dream come true.

This is my wish on the birthday candles, this is my wish on the little eyelashes and it is my biggest wish when I look at my little girl. I just can’t stand the thought of someone on earth going through hell with breast cancer.

The physical pain, the chemo and above all the psychological torture it entails.

If you could spare something to sponsor me to walk some of the tallest mountains in the Scottish Highlands, it would honestly mean the world to me – and so many others.

So please if you have boobs, kids, friends or family find a little £ 1.00 or £ 2.00 to boost me up for the biggest charity challenge I’ve taken on so far. ‘now. Knowing that there are real humans out there who genuinely care about the cause is honestly, so humbling to me. It would mean more than you could ever know.

The link is here: https://coppafeel.enthuse.com/pf/roisin-pelan

Product of the week

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Berghaus leather walking boots to help me with my list of trek kits and they are wonderful! Although tight on one foot, because my feet are weird but nothing can fix!

I wear my boots almost every day, and it has to be said, I feel more Trunchbull than a stylish hiker with my boots, socks and leggings on, it’s so important that my feet are good enough to carry me 100km.

These are super light and don’t look as lumpy as my old boots, waterproof too obviously!