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Birkenstock Boston are TikTok’s must-have fall shoes


As we enter the fall months, you might think it’s time to get your boots on, but apparently TikTok has some other ideas in store for our feet. The word on the World Wide Web is that boots are out and clogs are all the rage. And by clogs, we mean the Birkenstock Bostons that are going viral on TikTok and are a must-have for anyone building their capsule wardrobe.

We have to say, we love pieces that can be worn all year round and these slip-on sandals can do just that, really! Much like the “coastal granny aesthetic,” these Birkenstocks work for summer, winter, and everything in between.

While you might be wondering how clogs can work in cold weather, hold on tight, we’re going to walk you through exactly how to style them…

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Where to buy Birkenstock Bostons

While loafers dominated in fall 2021, it looks like Birkenstock-style clogs are the IT girl shoe this year. The trendiest colors seem to be light neutrals, with “Taupe” being the most coveted hue – unsurprisingly, they’re selling out fast and are already sold out on the Birkenstocks website (alas the might of TikTok).

You can still buy them in select sizes on Amazon and in warm shades of cream and pastel gray. We recommend the suede pair in ‘clay’ as it is very similar to taupe.

Alternatively, if you are vegan or prefer to buy synthetic material, you can also find the Bostons in “Mocha” and “Khaki” tones.

How to style your Birkenstock Bostons for fall:

Before you worry that jumping on the Birkenstock bandwagon means sacrificing your feet to the elements – there are some really easy ways to make sure not only are your toes warm, but your cuts are effortlessly chic.

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In all of our research on TikTok, we’ve noticed that fashion geeks pair their clogs with loose, sleek pants or baggy jeans and chunky socks. It seems socks and sandals aren’t a style sin when it comes to these shoes — in fact, the combo looks pretty darn cute.

We suggest buying thick, white, cream and heather gray socks to pair with your Bostons.

To complete the look, throw on a nice neutral knit, a jacket, a long scarf and voila – you’ve got the ultimate fall fit.