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Allbirds presents the Tree Flyer running sneaker


Designed for running, all the birds has just launched its new sneaker.

Notably, the running shoe features SwiftFoam, a new type of midsole that the brand claims is 30% lighter than its SweetFoam midsole. The flared external heel of the running shoe has been designed to provide support and stability.

“The shoe’s insoles are actually a lot softer and lighter than I expected,” said associate editor Justin Krajeski, who’s been about 15 miles in the Tree Flyers since Allbirds got him. sent a pair to try.

The Tree Flyer’s grippy outsole should help keep your footing firmly on the ground, Allbirds promises. The upper (or upper part) of the shoe is breathable thanks to its eucalyptus fiber construction, which the brand claims promotes air circulation and keeps the foot cool.

“The Tree Flyers are surprisingly light on my feet – the upper is extremely light,” Krajeski said. “Sometimes I forget she’s there.”

The Tree Flyer has an increased toe spring – the upward curve of the sole at the front of the shoe – compared to other Allbirds sneakers as well. It’s designed to help distribute weight between the heel and toe while running to better propel you forward.

The Allbirds Tree Leaflet is available in Men’s and sizes women (5-11, including half sizes), and is available in classic colors like Natural Black and Blizzard, as well as limited-edition colors like Lux Beige, Buoyant Yellow, and Buoyant Orange. The sneaker also has reflective stays so they can be seen better in dark conditions – Krajeski noted that sometimes their shine catches him off guard in the dark.

If you want to update your shoes in other ways, Lululemon introduced the Blissfeel women’s running shoe in March. It is the first sneaker to be released in Lululemon’s larger collection of five women’s shoes to be launched this year. According to the company, a line of shoes for men will arrive in 2023.

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