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Do you prefer mobile rather than credit card?

The technology is constantly evolving and especially in relation to mobile phones. For many, it seems old-fashioned to use cash to pay for it, and check booklets are a foreign word to the younger generation. Smart phones can be used for more and more in everyday life and mobile payments are now a trend more and more people will want to take on. Banks have so far not collaborated on one solution, but Vipps and mCash are two of the apps that offer several user-friendly features for settling in, for example, restaurant visits or cabin trips with friends. For payment in grocery stores, there is currently not too much to choose from, but there seems to be a change on that and. Recently, two of the food giants have announced that they will collaborate on a mobile payment solution that will be available in all their stores.

Major competitors collaborate on mobile payments

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In odessa we could read about the competitors Murgesruppen and Coop working together to achieve what the banks have not realized, namely to create a common solution for all payment applications. In total, the two food giants have over 3000 grocery stores all over Norway and so far they have not wanted to introduce mobile payments that the banks have offered. They felt that the solutions available were not customer friendly enough, so that is why they are now teaming up to work out a better solution. In Sweden, they have achieved this through the mobile payment solution Swish. Norwegian banks have each created solutions that do not yet speak together, so the technology is in place, but not the interaction that can ensure a single payment solution that is available to everyone. In practice, this means that today you have to download exactly the specific app the store uses to pay with your mobile when you buy groceries.  


What is available today?

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Today, you can use mobile payment through Ponske Bank’s MobilePay in Rema 1000 stores or Spora Bank and Save Beginning Bank’s mCash at Burpiss. Other mobile payment solutions are Line Development Bank, Erika Group’s Snapcash, SamsungPay and AndroidPay. Personally, I shop in slightly different stores and have not downloaded any of the apps as I currently find it easier to pay by bank card. If there had been an app that could be used in most stores, it would probably have presented itself as a more attractive alternative payment method. The Norwegian Group and Coop have, though, and they believe that all the different apps confuse people and will therefore do something about the system. The purpose of the collaboration is to find a solution for most people.


Can be better for everyone

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Solberg also told the newspaper that having five or more payment terminals to facilitate each app in stores would be confusing for customers. In addition, it would be expensive for the stores that have to rent the equipment to have it available in the boxes. The mobile payment solution Murgesruppen and Coop developer are expected to be ready during the year and have already been approved by the Competition Authority. The giants were also to attend the Payment Payment Conference 2016 in Trondheim in March, where the issue of mobile payment was one of the topics. It also seems that the banks may be slipping. Modes Finance, which is the main organization for the financial industry in Norway, told odessa that they have established an infrastructure company this year to better support the common infrastructure and interaction between the banks. They emphasized that there has been great progress, especially in relation to payments from person to person. Following this success, the banks are ready to move on to mobile payments in stores. Although, when the article was written, there was no clear collaboration on common mobile payment solutions in store, Anne Fakonsen in Norway Fast Lend said that it is not unlikely to achieve a standardization cooperation for mobile payments as well. In an e-mail to odessa he wrote that mobile payments and handling of this is a priority for the new company.

Adressa wrote about this in March this year, so maybe we will see the results of the collaboration in a few months. After that, it remains to be seen if this is what was needed for more of us to choose the mobile over the credit card when we are in the grocery store.

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